Rich Bray says that as an actor, he has to be the cowboy one minute and the spaceman the next.
Rich Bray says that he was once a drill sergeant, a corporate wonder man, a west-end star and part of a secret agency (Rich Bray won’t say which one.)
Rich Bray says that only Iggy Pop is allowed to call him Richy.
Rich Bray is not a fictional character- he is actually in the production, he is a Theater Group Berlin ensemble member, he smokes Marlboro Reds and he cleans houses for a living.

We can’t know if Rich Bray’s stories are the truth or fiction. One thing is for sure, Rich Bray is a man battling with several senses of self- ask Rich to talk about Rich and he’ll ask you which Rich you want to know about.

With focus on storytelling through poetic association, we have taken characters, memories, fantasies and ideologies from the many lives of Rich Bray and, with the greatest of creative license, distorted them into surreal vignettes that intertwine and interact with the man himself, creating a chaotic dream world that begs the question: how do our memories, fantasies and ideologies shape our understanding of identity?

Creation, Direction and Scenography: Jahman Davine
Creation and performance: Rich Bray, Sara Ercoli, Thomas G. Kanold, Dean Reeve and Rebecca Smith

Work-in-progress showing performed at TATWERK | PERFORMATIVE FORSCHUNG on the 21. März 2015 at