The Mandragora and Other Beliefs

We all search for order, clarity or a sense of narrative when we lose the ones we love or reflect on our own mortality. But it would seem that the search is in vain.

Death is cruel, disordered, chaotic, tragic and, sometimes, hilarious.

Two Works on Death and Dying is an attempt to unearth the psychology and mythology that surround the theme of death. It is told in two parts: a deeply personal story of loss and an intense meditation on the afterlife. The artists invite you to join this cathartic event in the making and to celebrate with them the inevitability of loss, grief, fear, death and our will to survive.

Creation, Direction and Scenography: Jahman Davine
Creation and Performance: Marcelina Bozek
Sound Design and Original Music: TURI

Work-in-progress showing performed at the English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center on the 28.01.2017. with And Then She Departed in the Most Secret of Manners

Photos by Enric Duch

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