Collective Experience

Alexander Windner Lieberman and Jahman Davine use their extensive experience in dance and theater to collaboratively investigate the difference in communication techniques between the two genres. Contradicting the definitions of dance and theater, Alexander and Jahman keep the performance in a constant state of indecision. Unfulfilled expectations will infect dance with theater and the converse, identifying and opening the moments where the two genres blend.

How does a viewer experience spoken word as opposed to movement and what do they walk away thinking and dis-cussing? Does listening to speech cause a mental experience? Does viewing movement cause a visceral reaction? Does it help or hinder the viewer and the performance to separate theater and dance? Is the intention of a performance clearer through theater or dance? What is the language of dance and the movement of theater? Without words is it theater? Without movement is it dance? How does the viewer’s experience change when seated, moving through a space, or immersed in the performance? What is the collective experience?

Created by: Alexander Windner Liebermann and Jahman Davine

24/25.03.2019 Performed at Ada Studio as part of NAH DRAN extended